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Cross training

I definitely know that mixing up exercise routines are important, as is cross training. For me, this is particularly important because my legs get unhappy if I am running too much, or too many days in a row.

After two days of running, today was a cross-training day. Husband will attest to the fact that I am not by nature a morning person. I don’t spring out of bed at first light (or before!) and when I get up, I tend not to wake up and immediately feel filled with energy, ready to tackle the day. I like sleep, and I like to eeeeease into mornings.

So, morning workouts are particularly challenging for me! Add to the challenge of not being a morning person, but I also really don’t like alarms going off. I have a habit of setting my alarm the night before, with plans and high hopes of being a good exercise dooby, and getting my workout out of the way in the morning. What frequently happens is that I will wake up, usually about an hour or two before the alarm is set to go off, and turn it off (One of my superpowers is that I can wake up when I need to, so I can turn off the alarm and still wake up when I wanted to). But then I’ll wake up again when the alarm would have gone off, and will quite happily talk myself into staying in bed longer.

This just sets up a bad spiral. I feel guilty for missing a workout, and then have to pep myself up all day to make sure I do the workout that night.

But today, today I was victorious. Woke up when I had planned to (without the alarm). Got into a pretty strong argument with myself, in my head. Finally managed to kick my own butt, got up and headed off to the gym at our subdivision clubhouse.

The funny thing is that even I don’t like the act of getting up early, I actually really enjoy it once I’m up. The world was dark and quiet this morning, with some fog in the air. The gym was mostly empty. And I got to watch the world start to stretch and stir and wake up as the sky began to lighten. It just felt peaceful, and of course I also get the satisfaction of knowing I put in a good workout!


Stationary bike, 17 minutes, with 8/12 intervals (8 seconds hard/12 seconds recovery, lather/rinse/repeat). I HATE the stationary bike, but this is definitely a good workout!

Treadmill, 9 minutes, incline level 12, speed 4mh