A love letter to my kid

My prettygirl, my hunnybunny.My wonderpup.

I love how you are always so eager to get up in the mornings, so excited that you always skip a couple of steps as you run downstairs as fast as you can.

I love how I know when you want me play with you and your Felix fox that you are especially happy.

I love how well you listen, and how you know the EXACT boundaries of the kitchen. I can tell you to get out of the kitchen, and you will go one inch into the dining room or living room. But if I tell you to move more, you do.

I love how eager you are to play, and how you have to play with at least six of your toys in any play session. One is never enough.

I love the happy wookie sounds you make when you are lying in the sun, rolling around on your back in the grass.

I love how you will stand between the couch and the coffee table for morning cuddles.

I love how I can open up a container of peanut butter downstairs in the kitchen, and you wake from a dead sleep upstairs to come racing downstairs, hoping you can get some.

I love how everyone always tells you how pretty and sweet you are.

I love how you will always chase bunnies in our yard but when you are called, you can listen and ignore the bunnies.

I love that you tolerate my endless playing with your ears, kissing the top of your head, and badly singing songs at you.

I love that one of your favorite things is to have one ball in your mouth and chase another. You are such a happy girl.

Even though it kills me, I love your looks of the saddest puppy ever. You are a master of manipulation.

I love how if I ask you if you want to nap with Mama, you run upstairs, so excited, but only jump up on the bed when I tell you can.

Myra, my hunnybunny, my prettygirl, my bunny, I love you so!


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