Quiet joy

Joy doesn’t have to exuberant. Joy can be found in the quiet moments, when your heart just fills up and in those moments, everything seems perfect.

Some quiet moments of joy today:

  • Waking up today, sunlight just starting to glow in the backyard, washing dishes in the quiet before Husband got up, sipping on coffee, just enjoying the stillness
  • Sitting at the kitchen table after hot yoga, feeling mentally clear and energized from class, drinking a second cup of coffee (something I only do on weekends), enjoying my oatmeal, and reading.
  • Eating lunch outside with Husband today, feeling the warm spring air, enjoying the breeze on my skin and the vibrancy of my salad, loving living in the south, and happy to be sitting outside with Husband, talking about the future.
  • Husband and I sitting outside this evening on our patio, listening to country rock, the puppy happy to be outside, grinning big and bringing us balls and toys to throw, me dancing around in a whirling dervish as the twilight settled in, feeling so much love for Husband and so happy to just be sitting with him
  • And one from last night, drinking fruity drinks of happiness at Bahama Breeze, me dancing around our table to the steel drum music, in the open air patio, with perfect cool evening breezes

I hope you’ve found some quiet moments of joy in your life recently!


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