How you fuel = how you perform

I eat really well for the most part. I can’t eat gluten, dairy, or soy, so that eliminates a lot of potential junk right off. I can’t really have a lot of processed sugar, so I pretty much stay away from sugary treats.

In general, I fuel (and hydrate) myself well in order to feel good, to have energy for exercise, to give my body lots of good nutrients.

But even on days when I technically eat good things, it doesn’t mean I’m properly fueling my body.

Take yesterday. In terms of food quality, I ate really well. Lots of veggies. Fruit. Beans. An egg. Amazing Grass Green superfood powder. Probiotics.

But I didn’t eat enough – I was low on calories. Low on water. Low on protein.

By the end of the day, I was tired and dragging. I perked up after dinner and more water, and figured I was fine.

And then I got on my yoga mat in the hot yoga studio this morning.

And oooh boy was it challenging. I was tired. I felt sluggish. I couldn’t maintain my concentration. The heat started to feel more intense. I certainly didn’t feel up to pushing myself hard like I normally do. There was just no energy reserve to pull from.

I seem to forget this lesson from time to time. You can’t perform if you don’t give your body what it needs. And that means enough water, enough calories, enough of all the necessary stuff -carbs, fat, protein, vitamins.

So today I’m back to doing a lot better.

I have two hours of yoga planned for tomorrow, and then a date with Husband. I have to fuel up!


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