Motion heals

I started my day with hot yoga. Dripping sweat, pushing myself for a challenging hour. Letting the frustrations of the week flow out of me. Emptying myself of the feelings that keep creeping up that I am not doing enough, that I can never quite catch up, no matter how hard or how fast I try to run. All of that stuff pours out of me when I really show up in a yoga class.

I had planned to do two hours, but at the end of the first hour, I had nothing left. It had been a long week, with emotional stress, and work stress, and long hours, and not my best nutrition week. I pushed myself during the yoga class today, and I felt more whole emotionally when it was done…but I was completely drained by the end of it. I wasn’t properly fueled to do any more.

When I came home, I changed and went out to a used car dealer with Husband. Now that the car has been repaired, we wanted to see what we would get for a trade-in estimate for it.

We weren’t expecting great news about the car, but we weren’t expecting to have lost SO much value in the car. We weren’t expecting that we would have lost so much value in the car that we are now completely and utterly upside down and can’t possibly get out of the car.

It was pretty hard news to take at first. We were both pretty frustrated and just felt like we had been hit upside the head.

But after the initial shock started to wear off, we could actually start to see the good side of this not really great news. It was there, underneath the poo wrapping paper and extra poo bows. We are working toward some big personal goals, and this news actually ends up helping us realize those goals. It actually, oddly, puts us in a much better position.

I sat with this news for a while, trying to get past the initial frustration to just be ok with the gift that came in an unexpected way.

I started to feel like I needed to move. I knew the best way to get my head feeling better was to get out of my head, and just get physical (“Let’s get physical, physical, I want to get physical”). Usually, that means going for a run. But instead, I felt driven to pull out my yoga mat, put on a great, happy, get moving playlist on my iPhone, and just started doing yoga. I started doing the routine from one of the really tough classes at my yoga studio, because I know that routine the best.

The more poses I did, the more I moved and sweated, the more I focused on my breathing and the music, the better I felt.

I did probably another 30-40 minutes of yoga, and felt so much better at the end of it. But now I had more energy, and still felt like I had some bad mojo to get out of me. So I cranked up the dance tunes and had a madcrazy dance party in my living room. Everything negative that was left just flew out of me. I was left feeling lighter, and clearer, and emotionally balanced and ok again.

Motion heals. It really does. It helps you get out of the funk that has you trapped in your head.

Good medicine.


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