Photoshop play on a day off

Today is my New Year’s Day holiday, and it has been perfect and very much needed. Lots of time reading, and walking with the pup, and also some time playing with Photoshop.

I’m still sort of between computers. I have my lovely, happy new MacBook Pro, but I haven’t transferred over Aperture or Photoshop Elements from my old MacBook  (and I sort of can’t find the hard copy of Photoshop, hence why I haven’t transferred it…). So, today, I bounced back and forth a bit between my computers, and had a great time playing with textures and layers 🙂

I love how textures can change a photograph, help tell a different story, and add more personality to something as simple as a crushed rose.

I feel like it combines what I love about photography – calling attention to details that people might overlook – with the fun of painting and mixing colors and glue to create something new through playing 🙂


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