Run, unpowered

Last Saturday, I ran just over 7 miles in just under an hour, and it was a pretty great run. I felt like I was flying. I had lots of energy. I felt good, and strong. It was bliss and joy in motion.

This Saturday, if you look strictly at the numbers, it was a good run. 6.26 miles, 52 minutes, 8:18 min/mile.

But it was not a good run.

My legs were SORE from a tough, hour-long strength training video I had done the day before, and I definitely felt it when I first started out. Hard to move at first.

But it was also not a good week, food-wise. Part of that was due to having a stomach bug earlier in the week. I don’t usually eat a lot of carbs, I usually try to have lots of avocados, and green smoothies, and lunches with lots of beans and veggies. Some oatmeal, some pasta, but they aren’t the bulk of my diet.

Last week, it was pretty much all carbs, not a lot of nutrient-dense food. Again, part of that is due to being sick and only able to have carb-y, starch-y food. Part of it was due to Friday night – went on a date with Husband and got a gluten-free pizza from Mellow Mushroom that I devoured. It was delicious, and fun as I haven’t had pizza in a while, but not exactly high ranking on the nutrient and energy scale.

And oh boy, did I feel all of that. I felt sluggish. I felt heavy and slow. I had to take frequent breaks. Even my music wasn’t helping. When “Eye of the Tiger” and “Warrior” can’t get me moving, nothing else is going to work. I felt like I was fighting for the whole run, and I felt like it took everything out of me.

I know exactly the relationship between good, clean, happy eating, and great  performance. And sometimes, I fall off the wagon and don’t always make the healthiest food choices (of course, still staying within my limitations).

But knowing how not fun Saturday’s run was, I am much more motivated to get back to my normal eating, with lots and lots of things my body NEEDS, not what it tells me it wants. Looking forward to seeing how I feel on next Saturday’s long run!


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