Great run, fueled by carrot pineapple smoothie and amazing grass

I woke up to a chilly fall morning, rain falling down, perfect morning for snuggling on the couch with a pumpkin latte. Which I did for a while, enjoying my lazy morning, but my long run was calling me.

I find it so hard to get motivated when it’s chilly and gray out, but I knew I would feel great once I started on my run.

But I knew I needed more to fuel up for a long run than just my latte,

Into the blender went two cups of carrot juice, 2 tbsp brown rice protein powder, 2 tbsp flax seed, 2 handfuls spinach, and probably 1/2 cup of pineapple chunks. Good sugar for energy, protein and fat for stable energy, and of course all the benefits of a green smoothie.

Threw on my running tights (first time this season, but the nice thing about living in NC, the cold weather isn’t constant or long-lasting) and headed out the door. Unlike my usual approach to running, I didn’t check my fitness gps tracker (I love my iPhone, truly) for what my pace was, or what mile I was at, I just ran and decided to turn back for home at 30 minutes. On long hills, I repeated to myself “I am strong, I am a runner” and it definitely helped!

My strategy worked! I got home and checked my stats:
total distance: 7.17 miles – I haven’t run for 7+ miles in probably four years, go me!!
Total time: 59:22 minutes
Pace: 8:16 min/mile.

Super pleased with that!!


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