A fair-y good time

The NC State Fair is in town through this weekend. Last year, Husband and I missed it but we wanted to make sure we got there this  year.

I was excited to try doing some night shots, the first time I’ve really tried to do much with night shots since taking my photography class. I didn’t bring a tripod, so I couldn’t do any long-exposure shots, but I had fun playing with the lights and colors and exposure. They  might not be perfect, but I still like the feel of what I shot.

And what’s a state fair without meeting some new friends?

I am so in love with this baby cow. He was all, “mehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, mehhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Sort of a bored baby cow moo. But it didn’t get him anything, and then he looked like this:

Poor, sad, little baby. My heart went breaking all over the place with how much I loved him.

Then there was this guy. He just cracked me up. He was trying SO hard to get people to feed him, but you’re not supposed to.

Sleeping baby piggies!!! Squeeee!!

DONKEY! – Said in my best Shrek voice.

And the prettiest girl at the whole fair! Oh wait, that’s not a fair showstopper, that’s MyraWonderPup! She just didn’t want to be left out of all these cute animals, as she is the cutest in all the land.


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