A haunted fall morning

Think you feel brave enough to venture out into this haunted fall morning with me?

It starts with a bird. Wait, that’s not scary!

But, look closely at how he is perched so perfectly, so still, on something that should be impossible to perch on. Perhaps it’s a sign that strange things are upon us?

At first glance, this scene might seem charming…but the child’s car sits there, abandoned. What could have made them flee, leaving the car like this??

Everything is too still. No signs of life anywhere.

Who knows what is lurking in the mist? Dark magic could be at work.

Phew, with a little color, at least things aren’t looking so scary.

I mean, it’s just a pond on a chilly morning, right? Right?

Actually, on second thought, people always see thick mist like this right before….



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