Run with the bats

Unlike last night, when I had no motivation to run, tonight I couldn’t wait to go for one. The weather was gorgeous today, with temps in the low 70s by the time I got home from work. Dusk was settling in, and the country road that I ran on was mostly quiet. For most of my run, my only companion was the occasional bat. I was proud of myself – I didn’t freak out, or assume that they were going to attack me. Trust me, I’ve had both of those reactions before!

I felt like I was running a bit slow, and I had to stop and walk for about 20-30 seconds three times, but that’s ok. I still got in a great run, and I’m quite happy with my efforts tonight.


Distance: 3.26 miles

Total time: 26:43 minutes

Pace: 8:12 min/mile


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