Purple magic

I shot these pictures probably two springs ago, and they remain some of my favorite flower pictures. I was asked by a good friend to do a purple shoot for another friend of hers, and I jumped at the challenge.

Fortunately, in NC, we have these amazing tulip trees in the springtime. I never saw any trees like this up in Massachusetts in the spring.

I love how the tulip flowers are cupping and holding the light. I love how these pictures almost look like paintings.

I am always shooting nature stuff – flowers, leaves, buds, patterns, pretty weeds, blades of grass with dewdrops on them. There is such an amazing world all around us, and because we are surrounded by it, it’s easy to actually not notice. One of my favorite parts of photography is capturing the amazing world all around me and showing people the way I see the world, maybe showing them some of the beauty that they might have otherwise missed.

These flower pictures are a perfect example of what I love about photography.


2 responses to “Purple magic

  1. oh, they are very beautiful! I absolutely love these gentle flowers…

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