To coffee or not to coffee, that is the question

Am I a coffee drinker? Should I be?

Honestly, I go back and forth on this. I drank coffee for years, and then would go off it because I drink it with flavored cream, and I didn’t like all the extra calories and sugar. I also didn’t like being addicted to anything, and there have been times that I am certain I was addicted to the caffeine.

I’ve also had to go off coffee before for my health issues, and have stayed off of coffee for a year at a time, or more. Then, for a while, I was making myself some Teechino Herbal Coffee. I love that stuff – you have the coffee experience, but it doesn’t have any caffeine, and you get some fiber and lots more health benefits.

This worked great when B, my husband, had gone off coffee and was drinking tea in the mornings. He wasn’t a big fan of the Teechino, so I would make it for myself. But then he decided to go back to morning coffee…and with it sitting there, I went back to drinking it too.

I’m ok with the amount of coffee I drink. I pour myself half a cup, add in some non-dairy milk and a bit of So Delicious coconut milk creamer (which is great, because it is sweetened with evaporated cane juice – still sugar, but not as much as most creamers. It’s also the only flavored creamer I can have, because everything else has soy or casein in it. Both big no-nos for me). And I get a  yummy, delicious treat to start my morning.


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